I Thought this was for Children!

On Friday I was browsing the PS Store. No intent to buy anything just having a quick look at what was available. I then spotted a crazy deal, Kingdom Hearts the full set available for a mere £25. I couldn’t resist since I enjoyed Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS. Kingdom Hearts 1, the first game I had previously attempted to complete and let’s just say I got more than I bargained for. I had bought it originally with Dark Souls and proceeded to complete that, rather than a Disney game.Kingdom Hearts is what happens when JRPG and Disney combine … Continue reading I Thought this was for Children!

2020: The Year of the Backlog

While reading other blogs such as Later Levels, I have been inspired to work on my backlog, both on Steam and all my consoles. I have a fair few titles ranging from the Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 1/2/3/4 and Xbox 360/One to name a few. My main focus is Disgaea 1, which I reviewed previously but I have not yet completed. I aim to complete this by the weekend. Then start working on my other titles. I will create a new page which lists my titles and the status of them to both keep track and motivate me. Wish me luck! And good … Continue reading 2020: The Year of the Backlog