Should I Finish…?

I’m Back

So last month my son was born which was a very exciting time. Since then we’ve navigated through bottle feeding, nappy changing and trying to capture forty winks. Then I returned to work and the amount of tome I have to myself is minimal, which isn’t a bad thing. I am going to try to … Continue reading I’m Back

What it is like being an NPC

This week I listened to an audiobook called NPCs, which is authored by Drew Hayes and narrated by Roger Wayne. The story follows a few NPCs that happen upon a bunch of player characters that accidentally die from ingesting a plant then drinking a catalyst which kills them in a tavern. The story would end … Continue reading What it is like being an NPC

The Politics of Dragons

The follow up to The Natural History of Dragons is called The Tropic of Serpents and is by Marie Brennan. It follows Lady Trent as she goes on to Eriga to research dragons. Newly widowed and with child, Isabella finds herself wanting to go on an adventure again. Unfortunately, things do not go to plan … Continue reading The Politics of Dragons

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