Going for 100, Chapter 1

I want to try something new, so without further ado, below is my first chapter of a short story, let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

The fact that we only use ten per cent of our brain is incorrect. It has been spread by science fiction books and other media outlets. We use all of the brains, some parts are not always as active as others.

“Welcome to Active Labs.” The main dressed in white overalls announced.

“We are the leading scientists in neurology, our aim…to improve the brain and keep it healthy”

Improve the brain? That certainly wasn’t something they advertised to its shareholders, Martin thought. Martin Richards was a journalist, he was a failed scientist but loved all things new and exciting. But today, he was Dr Martin Shorely, a recruit of Active Labs. A few months earlier, his editor, the follow the law to the letter Max Mckenzie, received a tip-off that there had been some weird going-ons in the new startup. He tossed it aside, but Martin jumped at the chance

Today was the induction tour, showing the laboratory in all it’s glory. Each lab was covered in white, the walls, the worksurfaces everything to keep it as easy to clean as possible. The hallway they were currently situated had plaques of various accomplishments the laboratory had accomplished in such a short space of time. The man presenting was Dr Lerev, the head of the lab.

“We have access to the latest technologies in neurology. You will be working alongside some of the worlds greatest scientists.”

He led me into his office. The office was a stark contrast to the labs, the walls were covered not just with scientific memorabilia but also sports and TV. This guy must live here. The desk was made of oak and was overly large. Martin took a seat in front of the desk, while Dr Lerev went through the paperwork. Even though the labs were ice cold, this office was uncomfortably hot, the smell of coffee was cutting through the air, there were at least three half-full cups of coffee on the desk, one of them was at least a day old.

“I need you to sign these papers, one’s an NDA the rest are just the agreement of contract.”

“Thank you Dr Lerev, may I say it is an honour to be here. I’ve read a few of your papers and they provided great insight.”

Martin lied. He had read a few, but these were speed reads and he couldn’t glean much from them. But, one thing he had learnt is to be careful how much you butter these scientists, they often can see through lies but a few compliments here and there would feed the egos.

“I see, explains the focus on my sciences on your last project.”

I feigned a slight shyness, practised so much it was almost second nature.

“Any questions?”

“I heard, that your team are working on a new drug? Isn’t that outside of your usual area?” Martin felt knots in his stomach hoping this didn’t blow his cover.

“Ah..yes. The improvement project. It is still within our area of brain science, but it is not for your eyes yet. The project is a long way off completion, I’m sure you’ll have our trust long before it is finished. Now I’ll leave you in my assistant’s capable hands. Simon, please take our recruit to his workplace so he may begin on his life long journey of human improvement.”

Simon had appeared out of nowhere, Martin hadn’t even heard the only door in the office open.

“Right this way, Dr Shorely. You’ll be based in lab 2A I’m sure you’ll make some friends.”

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