Quick Reviews Episode 1

This week I have been playing a variety of different games, and rather than focus on one, I’d thought I’d give each of them the spotlight. The below are very brief reviews and I will link to the full review once I have a fair opinion on them.


Morrowind: With Overhaul Mod
Morrowind: With Overhaul Mod in Seyda Neen

Before Skyrim and Oblivion there was Morrowind. Set in Vvanderfell home of the Dumner or Dark elves as everyone else knows them as. You start off being shipped to the port of Seyda Neen and then are let loose on the vast expanse. The game graphically has not aged well at all. The gameplay is good, except combat where the age has really shown. Hits only connect with the enemy depending on your character’s skill. Magic is also only cast depending on your skill, the higher the difficulty of the spell the harder it is to cast. What I love about this game compared to its sequels is the variety of spells you can wield such as levitation, charming and water walking. For this playthrough I am a mage and even though you have access to so much firepower you are easy to kill which makes the game rewarding but punishing. I have never completed the main storyline, so will be aiming to complete it in the coming weeks. Look out for a review shortly. If you are new to RPGS try Skyrim before dipping into this game and only when you want a challenge.

Anno 1404

Anno 1404: Farmland
Anno 1404: The industries of Anno 1404.

Anno 1404 is a real time strategy game where you are in control of a small empire. This game unlike other RTS games out there, focuses on trade and resource gathering more than anything. It reminds me of a game called Pharaoh, which was set in Ancient Egypt. The campaign starts with you helping with the crusades by providing various resources but that soon spirals out of control. As you unlock more resources you must invest buildings into them so that you can get a study supply of them. Some of these resources benefit your people who gain titles and provide more income. Once you have hit the requirements for the next class, villager housing improves, and they are levelled up. Once you have a sizeable population of that class you are given access to more buildings, which in turn allow you to improve the lives of your people and start to amass an army. I have not got far in this game, but it is very addicting and like Morrowind I cannot wait to see what the game has instore for me.

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII: Commanding Officer
Call of Duty: WWII: Commanding Officer

I love that they have gone back to World War 2 with all the top shooting games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. I did manage to complete the campaign and I enjoyed the interaction between the main character and his commanding officer. The combat is as fluid and accurate as you would expect for a Call of Duty game. They have also added a few more game modes to multiplayer compared to earlier titles, such as War, where you must complete an objective to progress. However, I am not the competitive type and have not gone back to it since completing the Campaign.

Final Thoughts

I have yet to finish Pokémon Shield, I am finding it hard to focus on one game at a time currently. Hopefully, I will find a title that will suck me in completely and will allow me to get lost in the lore and world.  I have also bought a graphics tablet which hasn’t helped as I now want to start drawing. I then finally got to go out on my bike last Sunday down to the local bike park. So, I am all over the place and have not even found a book to review on Wednesday. I may change the rota so that I only post two days a week.

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