Angels & Demons

A few years ago (Late 00s) a film released in the cinema called The Da Vinci Code, it followed a Symbolist as he tried to uncover a nefarious plot. I have always wanted to read the book; however, it never came to the forefront of books I wanted to read. One day browsing eBay I came across a great deal, two of the books: Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code. I snapped the deal up and a few days later I had finished the first book in the series.


Robert Langdon is a lecturer of history of art and “symbology”. One late evening he gets an unwelcome phone call from CERN (an institute of Science) asking him to make haste in coming to see them. He initially rejects the request and puts the phone down. Later he receives a photo of a man who had been branded with the word Illuminati. He noticed that the word was in an ambigram, which means it can be read two ways and it still read Illuminati, which piqued his interest. Later that day, one of the cameras at the Vatican was showing an unknown device in an unknown location within the Vatican. What ensues is a race against time to decode the Illuminate’s Path of Illumination to stop a killer and a bomb placed inside the Vatican.

Illuminati Ambigram

The Good

I have never read a Dan Brown book before, but I was immediately hooked in and was struggling to put the book down. Always wanting to know what happens next and who the mysterious Illuminati are and why they had resurfaced. Brown keeps the suspense and always has you guessing where the next code will lead. It was also awesome to see the ambigram in its form in the book showing that it was possible. There are many twists and turns, which very plausible but also not easy to spot. The level of detail in this book is amazing, Brown had clearly done his research on both the Vatican, Catholicism, and the Illuminati. It would often lead me to go off the beaten path and look up things I never knew about. Rome has always been a city that had interested me, especially since I had explored it in the Assassin’s Creed games and would like to in the future visit the historical sights.

Vatican Stairs

The Bad

One of the issues I did have is at certain points, or POV’s I really did lose interest and wished I could skip ahead. The only viewpoint I really cared about was Langdon’s, but I understand why they were shown. Another issue I had was the romance sub plot, I won’t go in to too much detail about it otherwise I risk spoiling the book, but it is very shallow and not a lot of thought went into it. I am glad it took a backseat.

And the Rating

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I certainly would, it had me turning the page and wanting to know what was going to happen next. I have started The Da Vinci Code without any other series trying to steal my attention away and I have even considered buying up the remaining books in the series. This book gets an easy 5 Stars from me, and I really cannot wait to reread this book in a few years’ time to see if I pick up on any of the clues. I have even ordered the PlayStation 2 game “The Da Vinci Code” as I really want to see what that game is like. I may even watch all the films too. Dan Brown you have me lost in your world already.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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