I’ve been eating up the Scion series and this is the fourth book in the series. The book follows Alaric on his mission to save El the girl he survived an invaded Earth. The book is authored by Michael J Allen.

A Lucky Hero

Alaric is probably one of the luckiest heroes out there, but majority of the events that take place are believable. I’m the first book he tries to give away cloth to a planet in need, to the dismay of his AI Cassi and mercenary Marc. However, he is offered a contract with the government which ends up providing him a better deal.

This is also ignoring the biggest lucky moment of his life was stumbling into an AI ship that ended up rescuing him from Earth from some slavers.

This may be because he tempts fate at every corner, he struggles to adapt to the mindset that the rest of the space-faring residents have which is to just focus on yourself. Even when life was against him, he always fought to help others and I really like that about him.

The Chase

Everything’s subjective, wrapped up in where you stand at the time.

Cassandra, Kindle location 842

Everyone is after Alaric this time around and his luck only extends so far. He manages to escape chase from his pursuers but in the process his beloved ship Cassi is destroyed. Everything that we know and loved about the first three books was destroyed in an instant.

This is shown by Allen with regards of how jumbled Alaric’s thoughts are, yet his eagerness to save El is still there and is his one constant. This helps the reader understand Alaric and that as long as he has a goal there is nothing that will stop which O really like.

Do You Need to Read the Previous Books?

“He continued to Inhera, took on refugees and headed for Scrics. According to legal depositions, en route His Grace attacked Shepherd who’d ended their contract intent to turn Corollas.”

Shawna, Kindle location 793

Yes, Allen doesn’t waste time world building and there is one instance where we get a partial overview via one of the characters. For this reason I would recommend reading the previous books. For returning readers we jump right into the action which I personally enjoy and we are not spoon fed the information.

Final Thoughts

I am going to reread the series so that I have a better understanding. But the series has relighted my passion for all things as science fiction. Will probably Play X3

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