Is The Sims 4 Console Port Playable?

Wanting to play The Sims 4, but only have access to a games console? Then see below to find out if it is worth your time.
I have spent the past week playing The Sims 4, ever since my better half started watching YouTubers playing it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my laptop could run it, and it had better performance than The Sims 2. P.s. There is a Sims 4 sale going on, I recommend picking up a copy while it is under £10! However, this is not a review of the PC version, I’ve been playing it on the Sony Playstation 4.
All versions of the game have contributed to 20 million players as of January 2020, which is huge. There are many reasons for the game’s popularity and here is my take on it.

Live the Life You Want

So you boot up the game and have gone through the huge amount of customization options for your Sim(s)(A Sim is a simulated person). Do you have one Sim or more? What age will they be? Etc etc. However, for most players I would recommend starting with one Sim as managing more than one so early in the game becomes a challenge. Once created, you are given 20,000 simoleons to spend on your dream house. Spoilers it doesn’t get you very far. I managed to purchase a bungalow and had it fully furnished with around 5,000 simoleons to live off of. What you do with the rest of the game is completely up to you. During the create-a-sim mode you should have chosen an Aspiration. This sets goals which if completed give you aspiration points that can be spent on special items that can improve different aspects of your Sims. The aspiration goals can be ignored, but these special items can only bought with points. Your Sims also have needs that need to be met, such as sleep, fun and hygiene. Not meeting these needs results in uncooperative Sim or worse death.

Okay it is a bad looking house.

Work the Job You Want

In order to maintain or improve a Sims lifestyle you will need to get them a career to earn them Simoleons. There is a wide range of careers available including some work from home options. Once your Sim has a job they will need to meet certain requirements to keep the career. If they are constantly late and go to work in a bad mood they will lose it. However, if your Sim is always on time, improves their skills and meets the daily goals they can expect promotions. Promotions come with increased pay, change of hours and sometimes free items. In the Culinary career you are given a new fridge, kitchen surfaces and eventually a new oven. It really does pay to work hard.

The next Picasso

Love Who You Want

Another fundamental aspect of the game is relationships. This ranges from acquaintances all the way up to lovers, and family members. Unlike previous entries in the series, you do not need to have friends to get a promotion, so this is solely to fulfil the social need that a Sim has as well as any aspirations that may link into making friends or enemies. You can even get married and have children, but you do not necessarily have to live together for that to happen.

The neighbourhood

PC Vs Console

The PC version has better graphics and depending on your computer specifications will run better and faster. The PC version also has access to various mods that can be added to change aspects of the game. Both versions have access to the same expansions and packs as well as a gallery where you can download other player creations. Of course if you already have a console, this is the best version ever released on consoles so I would either buy it or play it via EA Access. But, if you have access to a high end gaming PC or an average one this game will run perfectly well if not better. You are less likely to come upon as many bugs.


Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed playing this game and can see myself spending many hours and I’ve only touched the surface. You need to at least give this game a play before dismissing it as just another Sims game. There are so expansions available to keep you occupied. You won’t even have time to even think of asking for The Sims 5.
Final rating of the base game + Free items, is 4/5. It’s a must play game, however it may not be to everyone’s tastes.

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