Dungeon Siege Let’s Go!

Trying to clear my Steam library is a mammoth task and it is not even that big, I would say there is around fifty games on there and some do not have an ending. The next game I chose was Dungeon Siege, an RPG dungeon crawler where you choose your class and go off an adventure. Along the way you amass a small party to do battle with various creatures.

Things I Liked

The number of different classes available to you and that all characters can wield a melee, ranged and magic all at once. This means you can match the magic to your class, so if you are a Paladin you can have support or curative magic. However, you must make sure to keep using magic or combat abilities so that you have access to stronger spells and weapons.

The interface is very minimal which means you can focus on the action while it happens, rather than being swamped with interfaces. Once you have learnt the keyboard shortcuts everything becomes easier.

The party system makes you feel like you are only in control of one character at a time which of course is realistic, and you focus solely on what you are doing rather than your party. They also make great pack mules. The only issue I have had is when you click auto loot and it says pack mules will pick up things first…well they do not unfortunately maybe I am doing something wrong?

Things I Disliked

The camera is an unyielding beast that you have to wrestle at times when you need to see the action, sometimes it just won’t go where you need it to and as such you just have to rely on the health bars etc to see your progress.

Inventory management is something that can be enjoyable depending on its implementation. Now you can expand your inventory by buying pack mules. However, they are terribly slow moving and you must wait for them to catch up, and they also tend to get ganged up on by monsters if you are not careful.

Graphics have both aged well and not at all. The world looks beautiful and would be hard to notice that this is an old game, especially compared to Diablo 3. The character models let down the game a lot, very blocky and not much detail. But for a game that came out in 2002 it is not terrible and probably exceptionally beautiful for the time.

Final Thoughts

I have all three games already on my steam library and once I’m done with this title I will definitely moving onto the next on the series, my only issue is: Is this game going to keep me entertained until the end or am I going to have to give up? Only time will tell. And will I enjoy the story and the truly little in the way of hand holding? I want to get to the end, and I want to see what happens to your character.

Dungeon Siege 1 received a 4/5 starts, a great RPG hindered by faults of the times.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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