Gaming Mondays Update

This past week I’ve been playing Final Fantasy X, we have made it quite far into the game up to the point where you go inside Sin to beat the final end game bosses. However, we have taken a detour to complete the game’s many side quests such as the monster capturing and the Celestrial Weapons. My characters are already overpowered for the main story-line monsters, but for the side quest bosses we still have a way to go. Each time I play through the story I understand a little bit more each time. I find it so easy to get to know and understand the characters. It is also a pretty dark story towards the end and really does make the people of Spira seem quite powerless and under the control of corrupt officials.

I have played minimal amount of Tales of Vesperia, mainly because the time I would devote to the game I have been reading to help me relax before I go to sleep. So for now I will put this game on hold and once FFX is completed I will make that the main game to complete. From what I remember however, I was starting to enjoy it and the characters were starting to grow on me, but for me the voice acting is a bit bland.

After the Tales of Vesperia, the next game on the list is either FFX-2, Final Fantasy 12, or Kingdom Hearts (The one with the cards). I am siding more towards FFX-2 the more we progress with FFX however, I don’t want to get fatigued on the series so may break it up with Kingdom Hearts. I won’t be doing any recording or streaming anymore as that is taken the fun out of the series plus keeping a blog up to date while managing the Socials is a bit too much.

Next Gen

I’ve also been seeing some news on the Next Generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. They have been providing some big numbers for the performance of the consoles and to be honest, I may be getting old but I really do not care anymore. Graphics generally only impact when you first load a game, by the time your halfway through the experience you barely notice them. The one aspect I wish they would focus on is load times, I don’t want to be sitting around for 30 seconds or longer waiting for the next level or cut-scene to load.

My Preferences

Game-play for me is paramount compared to other features. I would say Audio is also higher up my list since so many games I enjoy have orchestras playing their music, such as Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Assassins Creed. I also enjoy settlement building aspects of games such as Fallout 4 (This game wasn’t bad at all), Dark Cloud (1 & 2) and Digimon World (PS1, I loved this game). Where your actions directly or indirectly affect how settlements change. To my readers: Can you recommend any other games like these? What is your favourite game like these?

Well that is all for my rant, hope you are all keeping safe and well. Just keep on gaming and staying in and we will make it to the end. We may even want to go outside when this over

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