Tales of Vesperia: Should I Bother?

Sent Etrian back as I was not having any fun or making progress on it. I then shortly received Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition on the switch. I have heard good things about the Tales of… series. But it is nothing like I expected. I thought it would be your typical JRPG with turn based combat with a decent levelling system. What I got was more of a action RPG, with a standard level up system with extra skills.

Sorry about the poor image quality lost my SD Card Adaptor

The story follows Yuri Lowell, an ex Imperial soldier who lives his life in the Lower quarter in the city of Zaphia. A few misadventures and he ends up leaving the city to find a bastia. A bastia from what I understand is some sort of magical object that can bestow various magical abilities on the user, or on the area it is set into. For the lower quarter the bastia provides clean water, however it is stolen and Yuri gives chase.

The combat system is strange, when you encounter an enemy you are transported to a battle area and then you fight. It consists of you controlling one character and attacking with either your standard attack or various skills. I’ve struggles with this system, as the character’s do not seem to react to your button presses as quickly as you would like.

With regards to the graphics, they have the anime style which will always be timeless and every now and then you get a anime movie clip which is beautiful to watch. The music and sound track are okay, nothing to write home about especially compared to other JRPGS.

So Should I Finish It?

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