Updates and Other Interesting Things

Hi all, I just wanted to keep you up to date with the things going on in my world and what will be changing in the coming weeks:


I will be aiming to blog at least twice a week, one will be about the game I’m trying to complete and the other will be a feature piece on wherever the mood takes me. The first blog of the schedule will be on Monday and will be about the closing moments of Final Fantasy I and the next game in my backlog. For those that follow me on Twitter you should already know, if not see below:


Other Changes

The other change is the URL for the blog, it now has its own web domain: http://www.shouldifinish.com which is really exciting, because of this I have now made a monetary commitment to the site since I am money-focused it is a great way to motivate me to work on the site and be very regular. I have the domain name leased for at one year, so if within a year I start to falter, then I’ve got something to lose.


As you are probably well aware, the UK (where I reside) is currently on lock-down, which means no trips out to buy new things which will save me money hopefully, and luckily I can work from the comfort of my home which I think is a blessing. I do not work in the NHS, but I am considered a ‘key worker’ so if I didn’t have the ability to work from home, I would have to work in the office. Which isn’t a bad thing, especially considering how big it has become. I’m not going to dwell on it any longer as I’m sure you’re being bombarded enough already.

Personal Life

So my home life is changing in a big way, I currently live with my fiance and two cats (Queenie and Mittens), but that will be changing in a few months as we look forward to welcoming a new human into our family. We are both so excited and have the majority of the things we need. The nursery is all painted and just needs some finishing touches, which I wish I left for later since I’m housebound but oh well. I cannot wait to introduce them to video games and all the things I love. Hopefully, they will love Batman as much as I did and still do.


At the time of writing, I am so close to completing Final Fantasy I. I have really enjoyed the experience and the remastered graphics really make it so much nicer on the eye. I can’t imagine what it was like when the game first came out, and now we’re up to the 15th main instalment and I’ve only completed three so far (IX, X & XIII), I’ve completed a few sequels to those titles as well, I will revert back to them if I ever complete the backlog or I need a familiar game to play.
Anyway, that’s all for today, keep safe and hope you are making a dent in whatever sized backlogs they have.

Oh and if anyone has any series that they recommend both video games or TV please let me know. I haven’t watched a good TV series in a while.

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